“Trust and evolution, conditio sine qua non”

Jormma Design is a company dedicated to carpentry and cabinetwork, where we perform any project related to wood and derivatives.

Our team inherits the richness of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the field, brought by three generations dedicated to carpentry and woodwork, together with a young and enterprising direction, looking for growing challenges.

The equipment of Jormma Design is formed by qualified, responsible and applied professionals.

We offer a friendly and reliable manner, implying good communication and detail oriented work, with the aim of capture your ideas and tastes.

Traditional and modern techniques of carpentry and joinery are applied to any trend that you propose us. We have machinery of last technology as Numerical Control (CNC) to carry out any project elaborated on wood, works in series, between others.

Classic styles, modern design… with all kinds of qualities and materials, always following the principle of providing the utmost care and dedication to the project, to achieve our main goal: our satisfaction.

We love our work and are pleased to offer our services, knowledge and experience.

You can see some examples of our work on the Projects section.